Aug 27, 2008

Frail Nails : Supplements Can Do Nothing

The nails on your delicate fingertips not only work as a shield. They, also, manifest your health standards and your intake of healthy proteins. The condition of nails say a lot about your eating habits and they signal a big deal how nutritious they are.

Though it is always your menu that determines the health of your nails. Their condition, whether good or bad, depends on genes too, as told by numerous dermatologist. So there is no point banging your head between shelves in a medical store for nail-enhancing external supplements.

It is well studied fact that gobbling up of supplements have very least, or almost nothing, to do with the condition of nails. The sufficient nutritions to your nails can only be provided by what and how healthy you eat.

A protein called keratin ensures the healthy development of fingernails ,However, people can be seen taking colagen-filled supplements. Ironically, colagen, a protein, helps in the maintenance of bones and tissues only, not nails. And we know, perfectly, nails are neither bones nor tissues.

People can be found using biotin supplements too for the nails. However, the proper growth and look of nails is nowhere related to the intake of biotin, especially, when your frail and weak nails mirror your disorganized food habits. Medical professionals say that biotin works only in severe enzyme deficiencies and some genetic disorders affecting the nails.

According to experts, the best way to ensure healthy and strong nails is to take certain vitamins and minerals only, that too should be a part of your food, not unmindful use of capsules. It is more practical to choose food which are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

Vitamin A leads a healthy growth of nails and while vitamin B promotes a better, and glossy look. Moreover, Vitamin C gives the nails a good shape and saves from deformation. These things can be found in a qualitative nail makeup product too.

The quantity of minerals in your food too have great impacts on your nails. Zinc rich dishes help to get an improved and healthy nails. Calcium and iron give the needed strength. Magnesium prevents outlook damage of the nails and minimizes scalp flaking.

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