Aug 1, 2008

Michelle Obama : The New Icon of Political Fashion

Powerful and sensible dressing styles of politicians' wives have long been a serious weapon to mobilize the gullible voters, especially in the United States. The name Michelle Obama is the latest one in the long list of the politicians who have always seen their wives' power dressing as a useful tool to attract the people( voters!) towards them. They seem to have learnt a lot about fashion from the likes of Kennedys and Clintons.

Though her dressing style has already been hailed as one of the most fabulous one, the latest annual list by Vanity Fair Magazine enlisting the world's best dressed people ranks Michelle Obama as the best dressed women on the planet is icing on the cake.

The appreciation given to Michelle becomes more striking when the names like Kate Middleton, Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie etc. come but after her name. Astonishingly, the wife of John McCain was completely discarded by the committee. She was termed as “too conventional to be stylish.”

She seems determined enough to leave a mark on the success of her husband Barrack Obama, himself a powerfully dressed politician. He, too, is leaving no stone unturned while utilizing her wife's ultra-modern dressing styles. Undoubtedly, her dressing uniqueness will prove to be the last coffin in the nail to ensure the success towards the prime seat.

In order to raise the success quotient in the political corridors using her striking individual fashion, she enjoys the services of well-known fashion designers. They ensure, by all means, that her fashionable womanhood can be used to set a red carpet for her husband. Therefore, she along with her designers, never misses a chance to promote herself.

Her dynamic attitude is revealed by her big range of apparels of completely different and individual styles. You are not sure what dress you will see her sporting during the next meeting. Definitely, she believes life too has got an axis on which it keeps spinning. In other words she is too versatile, at least in the field of political fashion.

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