Mar 3, 2009

Four Fashionable Tips For Your Corporate Interview (Suits)

Gone are the days of 70s, 80s and 90s when choosing an interview suit was as easy as buying a train ticket to the interview place. People say that there were no hard and fast rules, during those older days, dictating what to wear and what not. Sincerely, the interviewers only looked at the hidden talent of the potential employee, rather than noticing the quality of the textures only.

But in the current scenario, the person at the hot seat has to face not only the chilling questions regarding the job, he/she has to assume that the interviewee is a certified fashion designer and fashion expert of womens clothing and mens clothing as well. So, there comes the importance of not being only “someone-with-the-best-mind,” but you have to snatch away the job with an “owner-of-an-intelligent-and-elegant-dress-sense” tag.Thus choose a better interview suit.

Thus to make your selection a sure shot, here I have come up with some tips and tricks regarding interview suits written below :

No Bright : Don't try to be a dance diva at the interview desk. After all, that place is meant to show your intelligence prowess, not your wild part. So wear interview suits which are sensible, sober, somber and carry a serious tone.

Avoid everything thing which shine as a mirror. Ironically enough, you are not allowed to show him a mirror. He is a boss after all. Hope you got it! Thus stay with the classics only. We call gray and navy interview suits as classic ones, don't we?

Choosing a somber dress has its own advantage. You are not required to buy a new pair. Otherwise, a bright one, especially a white shirt is hardly attractive when not new. And only a fool( don't mind) will dare to buy a new interview suit while the phase of recession is on a rampage.

Choose The Lowers Sensibly : When it comes to choosing a befitting skirt or a pant, you have to first give a look to your structure. Experts say that a woman with chubby legs must not dare to wear skirts. It can be a double jeopardy to her.

What she needs is to maintain a proper silhouette. Thus wearing wide legged pants will be the best option. However, even if you have a controlled physic, there is no way you should not prefer a pantsuit to a skirt dress.

Pantsuits make you look more professional, thus you always carry an advantage over others. Notably, pencil skirts are made for athletic legs only, this is what I believe.

No Beauty Queen : While going to face an interview, never try to be over fashionable. Too much of ornaments and cosmetics will merely add to the problem and all your plans of getting selected will fall flat. Apply lipsticks in neutral tones.

Don't wear more than a simple looking necklace. However, wearing earrings and bracelets should be considered taboo. Regarding the fashion footwear for interview, experts have always been emphasizing to carry an extra pair of shoes to the interview place. Definitely, the one which you have been wearing while riding has gone dirty. Have a look!

LinkBizarre, But Practical : Strange it may sound for you, but take it as the most practical tip to prove yourself a winner. If you don't know the work culture , regarding interview suits, of your potential company, there is no harm if you try to know about it much in advance.

Talking to that company's former employee or someone, about interview suits, who is working over there might be a stunning idea. It will help you give your best shot as far as your interview suit is concerned. Best of luck!

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