Mar 30, 2009

Sun Dry Swimsuit : A Summer Swim Wear Which Dries Within A Blink

Tired of your beach pants and bikinis which take an unending period to get dried? And force you to stand under the hot sun to see the dripping water turning into vapor? Definitely, it is really irritating to invite sunburns to damage your skin instead of hitting the sun bed under the colorful beach umbrella as soon as you come out of sea waves.

Well! Your tiresome wait is over and here comes a very, very special summer swim wear which dries even before your legs are completely out of the water. This swim wear with fast-paced drying ability is a product of none other than the famous beach wear manufacturer Solestrom.

This womens beachwear is called, as per its basic feature, Sun Dry Swimsuit. So if you think that it gets dried in sun only then don't get deceived. The 'drying speed' of your Sun Dry Swimsuit will never go down, amazingly, even on a completely cloudy 'beach' day.

So what do you think this amazing swim suit could be made of? Fire balls? Eh! Actually, this amazing summer womens clothing is made of certain type of fabric which has got 'wrappings' of meshes, invisible to naked eyes, around its fibers. Such meshes are completely water-hostile and allow no drop of water to stay for more than few moments as soon as the wearer comes out of the water.

Furthermore, this Sun Dry Swimsuit is the latest manifestation of what happens when the revelations in the field of nanotechnology combines with those minds which are expert in fashion designing house of Solestrom. Thus, the moment they found out these waterproof meshes which are capable of making any surface free from water-invasion, they got no time to make a water proof but comfortable swim wear.

So you think that your fabric will not go wet and remain dry even in water? Actually, it is not the case. These innovative meshes allow you to see a very interesting phenomenon of nanotechnology. These specific nano particles doesn't allow the water to penetrate a specific fiber, though they can pass through two fibers easily.

So what are the other things this Sun Dry Swimsuit may give you? Yes! Not only it can give you a 'waterproof' sunbath on the sun bed but is capable of saving you from deadly UV rays too as it comes with SPF 50 sun protection. Also the beachwear's fabric is free from the bad effects of salty water. So, the quality and durability remains intact.

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