Mar 26, 2009

Summer 2009 Belts Fashion Trends: Two Ways To Accentuate Your Waist

Cool are the beautiful days of winter season when a woman has to hardly bother about her waistline. Definitely, why a woman will waste her precious time thinking too much about her waist which remains covered all the time in those 'chilly' days. Summer 2009 Belts Fashion Trends

But come summer, and wearing a flattering coat or a long jacket becomes a tough and 'revealing' job. This results in making out a number of ways to flatter your waist. Definitely, accentuating your waist to give it, or you, an illusive appearance becomes an ultimate priority.

So what could be a better idea than looking for a couple of right belts which are the best fashion accessories to make your waist more flattering than ever.

It would be strange to hear but it is true that belts this summer have emerged out of their stereotypes. Definitely, these simple and dull looking fashion accessories, which mark the division of your body into almost two equal parts, have grown bold, trendy and beautiful and seem more of a fashion jewelry wrapped around your waist.

Thus while using belts as something to accentuate your waist, you have to choose belts which are bold, beautiful. This boldness can be shown in two ways, either choosing a wide statement belt or a skinny statement belt.

Moreover, first of all, if you really want your belts to be bold then you have to shun thinking that a belt, either wider or skinnier one, could be made of glossy fabrics and costly leather only. The options are galore.

wide statement fashion beltsWider Way : Choose from a wide range of metal and plastic belts. Such belts are most suitable when you wear them with deep colored dresses. In order to look trendier wear a wide woolen belt in bright colors such as orange, light pink etc. The contrast gives your personality a charm others would only crave for.

Moreover, wearing a rope-looking wide designer statement belt can be another tool to look bold at your best. Further, if you want to show your wild part then choose a wide belt with animal prints. Remember, you can't call a belt a wide one if it has a width of less than 3 inches.

Just imagine wearing a wide belt with tiger prints paired with a dress completely in red. Or want to gentler? Go for bold floral prints. Or want to look poisonous? Try reptile prints.

Skinnier Way : The other way to highlight your waist is to wear only skinny belts, only if you want to make it look narrower. The real benefit of wearing a skinny belt is that it can be paired up with any type of fashion apparel, casual or formal, unlike the wide statement belts which don't posses such freedom. skinny fashion belts trends

Moreover, such skinny belts are available in all types of of designs, patterns, prints and materials a wide belt is available in. So you can have a printed skinny belt. Remember, while wearing a skinny statements belt, making a right combination is tricky. Choose a black skinny belt with rose petals printed on it or you can devise your own ideas.

Wear it with a white wide-legged trouser to see its magic. If you prefer the animal or reptile edition of your skinny belt, then wear dresses in red or black. They give you a balanced and hot silhouette narrowing your waistline.

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