Jan 19, 2010

Top Five Jewelry Trends 2010 – Bring Back the Dazzle!

Okay, now that the dreaded “R” word (recession that is!) is nowhere in sight, why not go ahead and bring the bling back to your life. It's 2010 – the declared hottest jewelery year yet, and a recent market report says that the U.S. jewelry sales has already gone up by +1 percent! n the International Jewelry London (IJL) trade show that ended in September 2009, Jaana Jatyri, founder and CEO of Trendstop.com, said that Boadicea, the fabled warrior queen of Roman Britain, was the symbol of a new jewelry trend emerging this year. So take her words, and try experimenting with some bold stuffs like “a metal chain with a wooden pendant from India”, or Buddhist beads or......Read on for top jewelry trends of 2010.

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