Jul 10, 2009

2009 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends For Women

Winter is all about layering. Hence, giving men and women with more viable options of wearing accessories in contrast to the minimalism of summers. Colors like black, grey, metallic, purple, royal blue, dark browns, darker reds and white are appropriate with fabrics like mohair, velvet, tweed and leather. The influence of the 80's will be there with wide shoulders, peplums and beautifully draped dresses and tops in fluid fabrics with emphasis on shapely waist. Asymmetrical design features will continue to be a big hit.

Trends for Women

Coats Investing in a good coat will always be a good option as they protect you more than any other clothing from the dry winter winds. So, if you get a chance to buy a designer piece, go for it! Be it of Italian or French wool. Black, brown and gray will be the traditional hues for winter coats. Faux fur coats of good quality will be equally good.

Jeans A staple clothing now will continue and for quite some time. Skinny jeans or tighter fitting jeans with metallic print t shirts will show off the authenticity of your slim figure.

Skirts Boho chic, pleated or just straight skirts with hemlines primarily be mid-thigh will be a hot trend. Do get a tweed skirt for sure.
Pants Women love pants, be it wide legged pants, leather pants or skinny pants. They will be both comfortable and practical.

Jackets The two most popular styles that emerged on the runways are the blazer and cropped style jackets and will go out in the fall too.

Blouses & Shirts Ultra feminine and romantic blouses/shirts are a must have this season. Silk blouses with full sleeves and ruffles will be chic and elegant.

Jewelry The key will be minimalism. Wear one or two at a time. Go for purple rings or red pendants.

Accessories From colorful scarves to gloves in darker hues, everything will be in this fall.

Footwear Ankle high booties are will be hot with gorgeuos pumps adding the color to the dull winters.

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