Jul 30, 2010

Bridesmaid Gifts - A Token Of Love

The date is set. Just a few days are left for your wedding. You are busy preparing to make your wedding day special as well as memorable, with the help of some of your best friends, who have always been there for you through thick n thin. So for these special friends who will be your bridesmaids too, isn’t it a good idea to gift them with something special too, to show your gratitude and love towards them.

From expensive to cheap, market is flooded with all sorts of bridesmaid gifts. You'll possibly take a look at handbags, shirts, robes, wallets, jewelry boxes and alternative purposeful things in case you want to provide sensible presents for your bridesmaids. But I will suggest you to go for something custom made or personalized to make them feel your thoughtfulness and appreciation.

To start with –

Spa Passes are one of the best bridesmaid gifts in variable price range according to your budget. This will give them a way to relax after all the hard work.

Personalized Jewelry is another good option. You can get pendants with their initial names or bracelets with their full name.

Unique Gift Baskets which is custom made according to the individual taste of each of your bridesmaid, also makes a very good bridesmaid gift. For example, if one woman likes the spa and pampering, you can design a gift basket that offers her different lotions, massage oils, bubble baths and scented candles; if another woman enjoys cooking, a gift basket for her may have cook books, measuring cups and recipes.

Manicure Kit or Hair Removal Coupons are also a very good option to gift to your lovely friends. These are options which women think but dont give a try until a push from one of the friends.

The market is flooded with many mire gifts to chose for to express your love for your friends. The trick is to be just thoughtful and then select the gift to match up with the individuality of each of your friends. And I am sure they will love you for yout thoughtfulness.

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