Mar 29, 2011

Secret Shopper Style For 2011

Every woman knows it is exceptionally difficult to find something that is a bit different if you simply stick to the high street while doing your beginning of season shop. Yes there is now a wide choice in clothing and the shops all have their own specific styles, but you can never find that eye catching piece that no one else is wearing. Okay you can accessorise items to the max and create your own style out of this season’s trends but if someone else is wearing something similar your edge is quickly lost.

But as every savvy shopper knows there is a way to stand out in a crowd without having to resort to expensive boutiques. Simply find yourself an online store that follows current trends but adds their own unique take on them. Sounds hard? Well not that hard; thankfully there is one store out there that does just this, Joe Browns. With their alternatives looks Joe Browns womens clothing takes this season’s must have trends and adds their magic to them, creating the perfect mix of trend and alternative looks.

For an alternative hippie skirt why not take a quick look at the gorgeous and sassy panel skirt, this perfect example of mixing and matching fabrics will see you standing out in a crowd on your next night out. For a more casual look have a look at the aptly named Breathtaking Skirt, this skirt is bright and bold with its lightness of fabric it embodies delicately and drifting movements, bringing your whole outfit to life.

If you are looking for the ideal statement piece this season look no further than the stunning, though understated, chocolate hippie skirt available from Joe Browns This skirt while appearing to be plain is ideal for teaming up with a bright top or shawl, the ideal mixer this season.
The only problem you’ll now have is when your friends find out you haven’t bought that gorgeous hippie skirt from the high street and demand to know where you’ve got it from, but that can be our little secret!

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