Apr 23, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses – Choosing The Right One For Your Pretty Girls

You are getting married and everything is set from your wedding dress to the accessories and jewelery that you are going to wear. But have you thought about what your bridesmaids are wearing. If not then decide soon as Bridesmaids are a very important part of a wedding party. They are not just there to help you out but they will act as your support and will make your wedding a memorable one. So, for all their hard work and dedication, don't they deserve to look their very best that day too? Of course they do; so, let's find some of the best in bridesmaids dresses for 2010.

Lame Dresses Without Sleeves
The free flowing A line sleeveless dresses made of lame fabrics in multitude of light hues too make a beautiful option for the bridesmaid. Just don't forget to remove those unwanted hair on your arms. Better try some permanent hair removal technique.
Cocktail Dresses
From circle skirts to asymmetrical hemlines, the hottest cocktail dresses are elegant yet stylish for bridesmaids in 2010. They are less expensive and give bridesmaid more opportunities to wear the dress again at some other occasion.

One-Shoulder Dresses
The bridesmaid can show a beautiful silhouette, while looking elegant and fresh wearing one shoulder dresses in wonderful colors from striking greens to softer yellows in summers. Be the one shoulder mini dress or long gown, this trends is well suited in of the styles.
Mini Dresses With Ruffles
Mini dresses have always been popular and now they are coming in multitude of colors and designs with layers and layers of ruffles and lace accents. In summers, for bridesmaid they are the best option giving her both sophistication and style. Perfect for bridesmaid with tall stature.
Criss Cross Necklines
Wrap dresses with criss cross necklines are also going to be a popular fashion trend in 2010 weddings for the bridesmaids giving them a fun, flirty and frothy look.
There are some other styles like mix n match. In which you can go for any dress style but in two colors. Specially orange and pink are becoming a rage this summer. But whatever style you choose for your girls, choose carefully keeping in mind their statures, so that at the wedding along with you your bridesmaids also shine.

Images courtesy : David's Bridal

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