May 29, 2010

Hair Removal For Men - Laser Is The Way

Hair removal is growing in popularity with men too as the metrosexual man is more aware of his grooming needs and wants to do everything to look good and feel good. Laser hair removal offers options other removal methods simply cannot. Laser hair removal, unlike most other hair removal methods, can be used to thin hair instead of removing it all. So, a man can choose to be less hairy without having to be hairless. Waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams remove the hair completely, and do not offer the option of thinning overgrowth.

Laser Hair Removal Method

A laser hair removal procedure does not guarantee the hair will be permanently removed, but it significantly slows hair growth. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgery specialist will perform the procedure in his office. During the procedure, a laser beam passes through the skin into the hair follicle. The heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, preventing or slowing hair growth. The intensity of the laser must be adjusted for each individual client, and the procedure can result in mild to moderate pain or discomfort.
Laser hair removal works best on men with light skin and dark hair because the laser targets pigment. Darker hair pigments are easier for the laser destroy, while the light skin around the dark hair remains undamaged. Men with darker skin tones may still have success with laser hair removal if the hair is dark, but they may require additional treatments.
Since the laser can only target hair at the follicle in its growth cycle, do not pluck, wax or have electrolysis treatments for a few weeks prior to having laser hair removal treatment. Individual hairs have different growth cycles, so repeated treatments are necessary to catch the hair in an active growth phase. Shaving is often recommended before a laser hair removal procedure, and can possibly increase success. Tanned or sunburned skin cannot be treated with lasers. Do not use lotions or after-shave on the day of treatment, and only use numbing cream as provided or recommended by the dermatologist or technologist performing the procedure.

So all the men out there go the laser way and just not look good but feel good too !!

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