May 29, 2010

Get That Radiant Skin In Summers Too !!

It is possible to achieve a beautiful and radiant skin that glows with health by following a regular facial skincare regimen in summers too. Just follow some simple steps.

Cleanse - Begin by washing away the oil on the surface and impurities clogged deep within the pores. The best products to use are those containing fruit acids with natural antiseptic properties, such as lemon and grapefruit. Dry skin needs an astringent that must cleanse and soften at the same time; while oily skin requires one that removes excess oil and refines the pores. Meanwhile, a cleanser for normal skin may contain a gentle exfoliating ingredient.

Tone - To remove residual dirt, oil and cleanser - and even stubborn makeup, use a toner. Consider a label whose properties match the skin type: hydrating action for dry skin, balancing action for normal skin, and sebum-controlling and disinfecting action for oily skin. A variety of plant extracts and natural oils can help achieve these goals.

Moisturize - To keep the skin smooth and supple, apply a moisturizer with a luxurious blend that can bring back the skin's delicate moisture, while promoting cell renewal. Marine extracts and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Beta Glucan and Retinol are perfect for these tasks.

Other than this apply some natural facemasks from time to time to rejuvenate your facial skin and also go for good facial hair removal therapy as and when required. Along with this take in at least eight glasses of water a day. And in the morning, put on sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful sunrays.

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