Mar 10, 2010

Must Haves Innerwear For Summer 2010

Shedding all those layers of clothing from winters, now the time has come to dawn all those sexy outfits and show off your sexy silhouette. So, while you are buying all those stunning sundresses, swimsuits and hats, do not forget to shop for the appropriate lingerie items to go with all  your outfits. To beat the heat in summers, its very important to wear the right inner wear which will keep you cool and comfortable.

Some of the must haves are -


After hiding under the layers of clothing in winters, there are chances that you may have put on weight. Then hold in your tum, bum, thighs or waist using shapewear. Under any outfit, these innovative shapewear will make you look stunning and streamlined! Go for Spanx underwear by Sara Blakely, which is the best in the industry for body shaping innerwear. They have been endorsed by celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey and Miranda Lambert.


One of the other trends for this spring is innerwear as outerwear so channel this look with a lacy camisole. Be conscious of the camisole's overall sexy appeal. If the look, when put together, is very sexy, consider whether it is a daytime look or nighttime look.

Boy Shorts/Hot Pants

Hot pants in Spring & Summer 2010 are all about colours and patterns and no longer just an innerwear as long as you match it up properly. Look for a negative hemline and wear them only with heels. Heels will slim out your figure.

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