Mar 2, 2010

Plus Size Fashion - Summer Beachwear Trends 2010

Summer is coming !! Time to indulge in swimming, sunbathing and playing in the water be it the sea or your own pool. And for that you need to have a proper beachwear.
Now what does proper mean? Actually proper or appropriate beachwear is based on several key factors like age, weight and skin tone. If you have a perfect slim figure then you are one of those who can go for any of the options available. But if you are someone curvy then you must take care in selecting the beachwear that may go well with your curves, making you look chic as well as comfortable. 

Plus size fashion is all the rage now. The curvy body is a very feminine body and 2010 being a year filled with feminine and stylish designs, plus size women will have more options to look chic. And there is nothing else sexier on a beach than a woman who looks perfect in the sun.

The 2010 bathing suit or beachwear trends are exquisite and designed to suit different tastes. Vintage styles have had a great influence on fashion trends of 2010 and so beachware trends have also taken inspiration from those lovely vintage times. There are also simple and moderns styles which will attract attention and will create a very sensual look. The 2010 spring summer swimsuit trends are all about style and individuality.

For plus size women, one piece bathing suits are one of the best options accenuating thier curves. Go for a monochrome or which has subtle flower prints on only one side as this will help create a slimming effect. Try to opt for darker colors as they will create a slimming effect as well.

If you want to get a more even tan, than you need to opt for a bathing suit that offers your body enough coverage. Avoid wearing thong baiting suits and opt for a bottom part which offers you enough coverage. Bottoms which gently slim on the sides work best as they will help give your legs a lengthening effect, thus a slimming effect on your body. The top bating suit part can be a halterneck or a regular shape depending what you wish for. Make sure the top part offers you the right support you need.


Gillian said...

Love me some plus size fashion but to tell you the truth us chunky gals don't look good in ANY swimwear.

Board shorts it is...

Gillian said...
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