Mar 14, 2010

Beat The Summer Heat With Natural Fabric And Ethnic Indian Embroidery

Scorching heat and constant sweating are part 'n parcel of Indian summers. It's difficult to keep up with fashion during this time of the year, as our bodies, minds and clothing tend to wander to the outdoor mode. But don't worry – we have some wonderful tips on how to beat the summer heat in a fashionable way. Just use a bit of creative intelligence, and you can easily transform your summer attire into cool outdoor chic.
Comfy outfits made from natural fibers are a great way to make summers bearable and fashionable at the same time. There are a large number of natural fibers that have been extremely important to the society for years. Wearing them as clothings not only helps you make a good fashion statement but also a responsible and sustainable decision on your part.
Natural Fabric

While cotton is a quintessential favorite for the hot summer days, jute is fast becoming a trend. Jute apparels are available with a variety of designs and more.

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