Jan 7, 2009

Top Tops Trends For Chubby Women In 2009

The year 2009 is only one week old, but it seems that we have walked miles ahead since we embraced 2009. Exactly, the same thing can be said about our fashion trends. Being the most vibrant and dynamic, the fashion industry has brought some trends which are completely fresh with no trace of 2008.

The most exciting experiments have been done with the tops for chubby women. It is widely known that these tops, despite being the most basic fashion apparel, have caused many problems for chubby women. As their body tends to oppose most of the tops, the chubby women have to select them much carefully.

For a chubby woman, a top has to be not only comfortable, cozy and stylish, it has to come with such hues and patterns which become an upgraded tool of disguise to throw the chubbiness behind the curtain. So she can move out more confidently and with much ease.

Look out for the latest patterns of tops for a chubby woman which are going to top the chart this year.

Metallic Printed Tops :

2009 is a year of printed tops. So you may ask what is new in these printed. Of course, you have been using such fashion apparel for last many years. But this time the printed tops have come after being reformatted.

How many times have you heard about floral prints on a metallic fabric?. Just think about a top with glowing pink roses on a silvery background. You need to close your eyes to visualize. So there are many more like such floral prints. Choose floral printed tops comprising lilies, lotuses etc.

Wait it is not over! Apart from these floral prints you can have the latest, the animal prints. If you want to look more aggressive and at same time if you want to send a message that you are a fashion trendsetter, then it is made for you. Go out to grab some tops with tiger or leopard prints. Go wild!

Still there is something for you in the block. It is nothing but feather prints. These tops made of purely cotton have feathers of many beautiful birds printed upon them. So this year buy few of them to soar high in the sky of fashion. Watch out for a dove feather prints on a light green fabric. Hope birds lovers will have no objection.

Multicolor Metallic Tops :

This is another trend which has arrived with some new dimensions. Most of the times, when we think about metallic hues we tend to forget that it is not only confined to silvery hue. So this year a great variation of metallic fabrics is here, especially for chubby women.

There are dresses lined up for such women with golden, bronze, copper hues. Moreover, if you want to look too much gritty, try out a dress with steel hue. Let people see a glowing sun overhead and a shining moon walking in their front. It is advisable to wear sunglasses with metallic dresses. They make an interesting pair.

Distressed Tops :

For long we have donned tops of various designs and tastes. However, this year has created a huge demand for distressed tops. The distressed patterns on the tops of a chubby woman has been one of the most wonderful tools to minimize and disguise chubbiness. Thus people are no way going to notice anything except your beautiful distressed tops.

Winter is the best time to try out some exclusive distressed fashion apparel. You can have distressed denim or leather jackets. Also you can try out some distressed knitwear.

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