Jan 21, 2009

Reasons Why a Man Can't Pull off His Pantyhose

For a man, it is no longer a sin to wear a pantyhose. A number of men are wearing this fashion apparel, once totally monopolized by fashionable women, since the first pantyhose was launched during 30s-40s.

They are no longer a taboo for a man. As it is widely used by cross dressers, a pantyhose became untouchable for a common man. However, we can't deny that real sources behind its travel to a man's wardrobe are the cross dressers themselves. Thus, it has become a favorite mens clothing for those men who dress to thrill, not to kill, necessarily.

So forget all the gender related issues and close your eyes and ears to all the criticism you might receive from the traditionalists. Rather shave completely your bare legs and slide them slowly into a pair of pantyhose.

However, if the reports are to be believed, wearing a pantyhose by a man is not only confined to fashion sense. In most cases, a man loves to wear it for some facts which can't be judged by naked eyes. Here are some exclusive benefits of a pantyhose if worn by a man.

Health Benefits :

Believe it or not, wearing a pantyhose can help you get rid of many physical ailments. If you are feeling extremely tired and fatigued after a long day work, just pull on a pantyhose before you set out for an evening walk. Its smooth touch caused by compression around muscles stimulates blood circulation and makes you feel energetic.

Sometimes overworking on project sites may cause your thigh and leg muscles to ache. This aching can initiate muscular swelling, so wearing a pantyhose in such conditions works like a painkiller. The swelling dips and the pain reduces.

In many cases a pantyhose has helped to cure a mild knee injury suffered by an athlete. It is a well admired and highly recommended treatment tool for the treatment of restless leg syndrome too.

Aesthetic Benefits :

It is a quite bizarre experience which needs extra attention to get noticed. No one can deny the comfort of cotton fabrics you use all day and night, but nothing can match the softness, coziness and heavenly feeling provided by a pantyhose wrapped tightly around your legs once you are out of your heavy office suits.

You feel controlled, composed and balanced. You feel your skin more elasticized and muscles more flexible. The impact of wearing a pantyhose is such on your legs that you start craving for some fashion apparel made of the same polymer exclusively for your upper body.

Monetary Benefits :

In this phase of sheer economic crisis, if you can't afford to buy some expensive warm mens undergarments during this winter season, then you can have a pantyhose as a substitute. Though they never come at cheaper rates, the cozy comfort it provides is priceless. It is just like hitting two targets with a single arrow. They provide you much needed warmth too.

It doesn't mean that a pantyhose becomes useless when winter goes away. On any warm or hot day, they are ready to work as your socks, if you love to hang out in shoes and shorts. Another way of saving money, isn't it?

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