Jan 19, 2009

Ten Colors By Pantone To Color Your Spring

Tired of searching for the best colors this spring? You are not alone. Every woman who pays spends the maximum share of her attention to the dye of the apparel it is submerged in, can feel so as nothing inspirational seemed to have arrived so far for spring, until much awaited Pantone colors came to the fore.

So why to wait? Enter the colorful world of Pantone and explore its color report only to see top ten colors for spring 2009. The report is for every woman who loves to paint herself in various hues and colors, not only in red, much necessarily.

These colors are here to make you feel calmer, or get you vibrating this spring. Some are completely new while some are just another variation of a much famous color. Some can make you smile or some can energize you and so and so.

These top ten colors by Pantone have inspired many designers and they have come up with a series of fashion apparel loaded with these colors. So have a look on these lively colors of spring 2009. Surely, they are going to make you blossom and smell nicely too, literally.

Rose Dust : It is a variation of blue color. This pinkish blue hue resembles a white-washed lavender. One of the favorites of designers.

Salmon Rose: A hundred percent fit with all the complexions found around the world. Thus its universality makes it the most lovable by the wearers. This glowing color is a result of combining lighter shades of orange and delicate pink.

Lavender : Most suitable for tops. Thus look out for fashion stores which have tops with lavender hues.

Slate Gray : If you have planned to wear a top in lavender hue, then there is no way you can escape from the trousers or skirts in slate grays. Moreover, a womens fashion apparel in slate gray hue makes an interesting pair with any color you choose.

Vibrant Green: Bright colors tend to dazzle your eyes sometimes. It might be irritating too, sometimes. However, this variation of green looks quite sober, despite being bright.

Super Lemon : A unique variation of yellow. So a great innovation for yellow lovers. Pantone hails it as something which can “evoke a smile” on the face of wearer. So no scope for sadness this spring.

Fuchsia Red : This color has come out of the vanity box of a lady and has spread on the shelves of her apparels. So this spring search for a dress in this vibrant and energetic fuschia red.

Dark Citron : If you love yellow dresses, then you love super lemon dresses too. Thus there is no way why you can't make a scintillating combination of any yellow hue and dark citron. They balance each other perfectly.

Lucite Green : A variation of green, exclusively made for those women who love soft colors. Its lightness makes you feel calmer and cooler.

Palace Blue : Like slate gray, sparkling palace blue is accommodating with almost all the colors. It is a combination of strong navy and sky blue.

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