Jan 27, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009 : Your Guide To Tunic Tops

This spring you don't need to be an expecting mother like Gwen Stefani or Jessica Alba to wear a tunic top. Also it doesn't need to brave chilling winter every time you don a tunic top, though many advised it as a must for winter wardrobes inspired by its ability to cover you from neck to knees.

In fact, you just need to wait for the upcoming spring 2009 and you will find yourself amid a heap of tunic tops exclusively designed to wear this spring. There are floral tunics...there are satin tunics... there are silk tunics... there are tunics only, simply.

Lets see how to wear a tunic top this spring, appropriately, so you can bring back the chill of winter down the spine of the males nearby you.

Floral Tunic With Jeans : Wearing jeans along with a floral tunic top can be a real eyeopener for your male colleagues. However, the most suitable could be the skin-fit jeans. Try to pair such a jeans with a floral tunic of your choice. I can recommend you a tunic made of lemon yellow fabric full of pink floral prints on a deep blue skinny jeans. Use black sunglasses and a silvery necklace around your neck. High heels and wedges are the most befitting footwear.

Satin Tunic With Wide-legged Trousers : Satin rules this spring, so does the tunic. So why not to look out for something which combine these rulers. Choose a wide-legged trouser in the classic black. Choose a satin top dipped in any of the top ten spring colors by Pantone. Wear a red boot, place a belt around your waist and wrap a white scarf around you necks. Should I remind you for sunglasses? Now you are the ruler this spring.

Red Silky Tunic With Metallic Skirts : Metallic fashion apparel were a rage in the latter half of 2008. This rage has crept in 2009 too. So it would be worth thousand gold coins to slide into a metallic skirt with this all time hit red silky tunic. This red silky tunic must have some embroidery works around the neck and on the sleeves. However, don't wear a knee-length tunic if you wear a metallic short skirt. A waist-length tunic will do such skirts. Use flats, wedges or slingbacks.

Mid-length Stretch Cotton Tunics : The pleasing comfort of the spring 2009 will be doubled up with the comfortable stretch cotton tunics. Choose a mid-length tunic in any hue. It can be traditional black, raunchy red or inspiring sky blue. They are compatible to pants, trousers, skirts and designer or ripped jeans equally. Pair with ballet flats, heels or sandals etc. Use a big shoulder bag in golden color.

Embroidered Long-sleeved Tunics : Wearing an embroidered long-sleeve tunic will be greatly flattering for you if you want to add few inches to your height. You may find out a tunic made of shimmering fabric which has a handful of embroidery. It would be most suitable for lawn parties during colder spring nights. That is why, I suggest a full-sleeve tunic. Wear metallic footwear and skinny jeans. Get sparkled!

Button Down Tunic : You can more clearly call them as button down tunic shirts. Mostly such knee-length tunics are made of satin. So they can also be used as perfect party dresses too. You may prefer to use them without womens trousers too. Use wedges or ballet flats. They are equally tempting. Choose a red button down tunic added with a black belt or vice versa. Use a matching handbag.


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